Angela Albanese presenting her work at 2024 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Protein Homeostasis in

Haley Jun & Amanda Tse presenting their work at the 8th Annual SoCal Cryo-EM Symposium 2023 at UC Santa Barbara

Proud of my team for representing at the USC Heatlh Sciences Core Fair!

August 2023 - AAPS-USC Moving Targets 

Xinmin Chang presenting a poster of her work on differing chemotypes of tau inhibitor polyphenols.

Nader Mostowfi presenting a poster of his work on synthesis and testing using CNS permeable tau inhibitors.

Haley Jun presenting a poster of her work with Angela Albanese on CryoEM structures of amyloid beta fibrils complexed by collagen.

July 2023 - Impromptu summer celebration outside the Pharmacy building

Angela serving up her homemade apricot torte to celebrate our summer lab guests from the Trinity College Dublin Exchange & USC High School BUGS programs.

2023 USC Gateway Scholars Research Symposium - Presentation by Haley Jun

Haley presenting her work 

Haley and her family with Professor Weiss celebrating Gateway Scholars.

2023 ADC Collaborative Conference at UC Irvine

Lab Party, August 2022

Angela Albanese showing off her homemade tiramisu!  Jinliang desperately wants her protocol!

Jinliang manning the grill

Most of the group + a beautiful spread. (Left to right: Paul Seidler, Helina Santos, Angela Albanese, Jinliang Wang, Amanda Tse, Nader Mostowfi, Xinmin Chang)

Most of the group + a beautiful spread. 

Xinmin shows off her sharp-shooting strategy: 1 eye closed.  It seems to work every time!

All smiles even after Amanda runs the table.  We think she's secretly a pool shark in addition to being a master cook & a medal-winning swimmer!

CryoEM day, May 2022 

(photos by Chris Shinn & Michele Keller's Office, USC School of Pharmacy)

Glow discharge

Cryo container


Making cryo grids

Transferring frozen grids

Loading the microscope

Navigating the microscope

The microscope room

Imaging bacterial membrane structures

Our Lab (pre-renovation, January 2021)