This page celebrates the many successes of our brillant lab members!

April 2024: Lot's of good news this spring!

Congrats to Haley Jun on her admission at Cedars-Sinai for PhD studies in Biomedical Sciences

Congrats to Amanda Tse on her admission for PhD studies at USC

Congrats to Xinmin Chang on her admission for PhD studies at Cornell University

Congrats to Bliss Aguirre on her Urso Student Fellowship awarded by CurePSP for sponsored PhD research this summer!

September 2023: Congrats to Amanda Tse and Haley Jun! Both were awarded Provost’s Research Fellowships for Fall 2023! 

August 2023: Our lab was awarded a BrightFocus Alzheimer's Disease Research grant for the development of metabolically improved natural product formulations and synthetic alternatives to support healthier brain aging. Thanks to BrightFocus & Alzheimer’s LA for supporting this research, and our partnering labs--Daryl Davies, Hovhannes Gukasyan, and the USC Medicinal Chemistry Core!

BrightFocus Partnership With Alzheimer’s Los Angeles Funds Two New Alzheimer’s Studies | BrightFocus Foundation 

July 2023: Haley Jun presented at the Gateway Scholars Symposium on her work on CryoEM structures of amyloid beta with mentor Angela Albanese. Congrats to Haley on her good work and her award from the Gateway Scholars Research Program! Pictured above (Haley) amongst fellow Research Gateway Scholars from her cohort

June 2023: Bliss Tafolla-Aguirre, recipient of the 2022-2023 Culty Graduate Student Diversity Scholarship award from USC School of Pharmacy! The award recognizes her excellent performance among entering Ph.D. graduate student in the PHTS program and her outstanding potential to be a leader in the pharmaceutical sciences.

May 2023: Congratulations to Amanda Tse on her Scholarship Award from the highly prestigious Astronaut Scholarship Foundation! This selective award reflects meritorious pursuits and students with aptitudes to tackle the toughest challenges of our day.

May 2023: Congratulations to Amanda Tse, one of two Poster Award recipients at the 2023 ADC Collaborative Conference at UC Irvine!

May 2023: We welcome Bliss Aguirre, PhD candidate as a new Lab Member!

April 2023: Congrats to Nader Mostowfi on his admission to the USC Keck PIBBS PhD program!

April 2023: Angela Albanese concluded her qualifying exam with the highest possible marks. Well done!

Nov 2022: The lab was awarded two grants with co-PI's Ralf Langen and Peter Chung from the Epstein Family Foundation. Our reseach focuses on investigating structures of cell-derived and recombinantly-expressed/post-translationally modified tau aggregates, and determining small molecule inhibitor binding sites on amyloid beta plaques by CryoEM.